Refugee Resettlement Ministry

First Christian Church of Alexandria is considering working with a Refugee Family.  Members of our congregation have attended an informational session with Lutheran Social Services and shared that in a congregational conversation on January 8, 2017. 

A General Board Meeting will be held on January 29, and this will be one of our major discussion items.  This Board meeting is open to all FCC members (as are all regular Board meetings).

The following links provide detailed information about what a commitment would entail in the Good Neighbor process.


  • Good Neighbor Facts gives some basic understandings.

  • Good Neighbor Description describes several different engagement options.

  • Good Neighbor Committees goes into more detail about what organization and commitment might look like for higher level engagement.

  • Good Neighbor Training Slides shares the slides discussed during the Lutheran Social Services presentation. 


Please take some time to study and pray for God’s leading concerning this important opportunity to demonstrate that we are truly Open Minded, Open hearted, and Open to All.  Feel free to share your questions and ideas here.