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The Chronic Illness Support Group is back, and will be meeting on a monthly basis on Zoom.

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After six years of dealing with a chronic illness, Melanie Stinnett feels like she is called to start a support group for those who are managing chronic illnesses.  While there may be a variety of illnesses that potential group members are managing, many of the issues are the same for each.  The intention is for the group to meet once a month on a weekend day.  It makes sense to have at least an initial meeting or two to determine what days and times work best for the members.  Then we can set a definite time frame going forward.


There are a number of purposes for this group. Once we figure out topics of interest to the members, we can work together to bring in doctors and other professionals to provide information and answer questions on common issues.  We can also identify books and other resources that members may want to consult to help them manage chronic illness.  But another important purpose of the group is to give members a forum and safe environment to address their frustrations and celebrate their successes in dealing with their issues, and learning the perspectives and solutions of others.  Flexibility in tailoring the group meetings to meet the needs of the members is important to Melanie


The reason the meetings are being held in a church is because it is an environment that is open to all.  Believing in a particular faith or any faith is not necessary to be a member of this group. 

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